Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Sorry for the delay but here are the results:

Rec Kayak-
1 Tom Yule 1:16:54
2 Kristi Roy 1:25:56
3 Deb Hypolite 1:32:48

Rec Canoe-
1 Tom & Terry Carlson 1:21:29
2 Matt Shirk & Amber Hoover 1:23:24
3 Sean & Sarah Sullivan 1:24:07

Solo Canoe-
1 Roger Martens 1:11:57
2 John Anderson 1:14:43
3 Beau Larkin 1:22:27
4 Julie Larkin 1:26:27

Race Kayak-
1 Mike Lesnik 1:05:41
2 Chet Morris 1:07:44

Standard Canoe-
1 Randy and Rochelle Moss 1:11:32
2 Matt Quinlin & John Gallagher 1:15:38
3 Ace & Gary 1:16:23
4 Brandon Styles & Stephen Trippe 1:24:33
5 Molly Skorpik & Andrea Von Mauer 1:25:44

Slalom: Best run only, touch added 5 seconds
1 Brandon Salayi 3:02.16 Clean
2 Alan Burgmuller 3:05.28 Clean
3 Chet Morris 3:07.47 Clean
4 John Gallagher 3:14.78 Clean
5 John Anderson 3:22.68 1 Touch
6 Jeff Styles 3:35.37 Clean
7 Matt Quinlin 3:35.56 Clean
8 Jake Gardner 4:07.56 3 Touches
9 Matt Shirk 4:17.78 3 Touches
10 Sean Sullivan 4:26.97 2 Touches

1 Chet Morris 2:58.41 Clean
2 Brandon Salayi 3:03.22 1 Touch

1 Brandon Salayi & Alan Burgmuller 3:05.97 Clean
2 Chet Morris & John Anderson 3:48.50 2 Touches
3 Ace & Gary 4:20.59 2 Touches
4 Matt Quinlin & John Gallagher 4:42.09 5 Touches

K1 Race-
1 Chet Morris 2:54.90 Clean
2 Brian French 3:08.03 Clean

K1 Playboat-
1 Brian French 3:15.63 Clean
2 Jeremy 3:19.44 Clean
3 Amber Hoover 3:24.22 Clean
4 Caleb

K1 Creekboat-
1 Alan Burgmuller 3:09.53 Clean
2 Jeff Smith 3:19.88 Clean
3 Brian French 3:11.59 Clean
4 John Anderson 3:13.75 Clean
5 Brandon Salayi 3:14.37 2 Touches
6 Jeremy 3:21.81 1 Touch
7 Matt Shirk 3:33.60 1 Touch
8 Caleb

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Donation!!

Here it is- $1125 and 130# of food donated to the Missoula Food Bank!!! To put that into perspective- On average, a pound of food costs $1.75 – so the $1,125 raised over the weekend will purchase 643 lbs of food. That in addition to the 131 lbs of actual food – the net donation (in food) of this year’s event is 774 lbs! Of course this could not have been done without the help of all the sponsors (please see below), so a big big thanks goes aout to all of them. Also to those of you that paricipated and brought food to donate. I feel better knowing that a few less people will go hungry. Thanks again to everyone that helped out. To break that down further, the Missoula Food Bank averages 1.5 lbs of food per meal. So – the 774 lbs will provide 516 meals to hungry folks around Missoula. YAY!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Indy Misprint

So reading in the Mountain High section of the Indy and noticed they had quoted the entry fees at $10 or $5 w/ food donation. Unfortunately that price is for the clinic but not the actual races. The entry fees are 1 event= $20, 2 events= $25, 3 events= $25. Hopefully this is more clearly stated. My apologies for any confusion, but remember this is a benefit for the Missoula Food Bank so your dollars are going to a good cause. Thanks for understanding and please bring a food donation.

Monday, July 18, 2011

River level

I have been keeping an eye on the river flows, here is a link to the Blackfoot specifically

If the river continues on its current trend it should actually be a very ideal flow. I was hoping for somewhere between 2500 and 3500 cfs, enough rocks and enough water :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank you to our Sponsors

A big thanks goes to the following for supporting this event!! Without their help this event couldn't happen. Please do what you can to support these businesses as they have gone out of their way to help this event happen.

Black Dog Construction- (406) 327-9832

Rockin Rudy's- http://www.rockinrudys.com/

Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures- http://www.trailadventures.com/

Aerie Backcountry Medicine- http://aeriemedicine.com/

Altoona Ridge Lodge- http://www.altoonaridgelodge.com/

Stitches Custom Embroidery- http://stitchesmontana.com/

Whitewater Rescue Institute- http://www.whitewaterrescue.com/

Ameriprise Financial, Chet Morris- http://www.ameripriseadvisors.com/chester.t.morris/

Prudential Missoula Properties- http://www.prudentialmissoulaproperties.com/

Big Sky Brewing- http://bigskybrew.com/

Strongwater Paddlesports- http://strongwaterkayak.com/

The Trailhead- http://trailheadmontana.net/

Scotty's Table- http://scottystable.net/

River Rat Maps- http://www.riverratmaps.com/

Zootown Surfers- http://www.zootownsurfers.com/

The Green Light- http://www.greenlightmt.com/

Schedule of Events

Here we go- The rundown

Thursday 7-21 11am Gate hanging at Roundup- Those of you that have helped in the past know the drill. If you have never helped and would like to either contact me with questions or go to the roundup bridge around 11 am with gloves, multi tool if you have one and clothes suitable for working in.

Friday 7-22 6pm Slalom clinic, pre registration is a must(or at least heavily encouraged). We have tried in past years to do a more basic downriver/ river running clinic as well but with the lack of interest it will only be offered if people pre register. The slalom clinic is for those interested in taking their skills to the next level, or at least trying some more intermediate to advanced river running technique. This clinic takes place at the Roundup Rapid and is for those who already have river experience, but maybe have never tried slalom or just want to learn a few new skills. This clinic will focus on eddy turns, peel outs river running and obviously running gates.

Saturday 7-23 Downriver- pre 10:30am is registration, 10:30am racers meeting, 11am race start. Race goes from Johnsrud to the Weigh Station access. If there is interest we offer a shorter easier course that would then take out at Angevine. The full race is about 10 miles, maybe 11, there are a few minor rapids to negotiate below Angevine, nothing over a minor class II though. Please show up before 10:30 to get registered.
Sprints- 4pm at Roundup. This is the event that is kind of a who shows up and what kind of race would we like to do. In the past we have done a boater x style as well as head to head sprints. Again, it kind of depends on the turnout and what people would like to do. This race will take place at Roundup and will be a paddle through the rapid, so its a little more whitewater specicifc.

Sunday 7-24 9am Slalom at Roundup- Races to be held all day hence the early start. Racers meeting at 9:30am so please be there earlier than that to allow for registration time. Racers maneuver through upstream and downstream gates while paddling through a rapid. Touching or missing a gate adds time to your score. We do set the course with intermediate paddlers in mind, meaning we try not to make it to hard, or dangerous for that matter, but it is still challenging enough to be fun for more advanced paddlers as well. There are a few different classes, or types of boats, offered, ie.. OC1, OC2, Playboat Kayak, Creekboat Kayak etc.. Racers get 2 runs per class, we take the best score of the 2 runs, the winners get.......the satisfaction of knowing they did well.

Cost for the event is $20 per person for one event and if you want to do 2 or all 3 then there is an extra $5 fee total. 1 event $20, 2 events $25, 3 events $25. You do get an event t- shirt with your registration. This helps to cover permit and insurance fees, then in the end all the proceeds will be donated to the Missoula Food Bank. The clinic costs $10 or $5 if you bring a Non perishable food donation.

Registration form- Please email me and I can send you a copy that you could either mail in or just bring with you.

Friday, July 1, 2011


I have received almost everything needed for the legal end :) so we are 99% a go here. Dates to be July 22-24. Gate hanging on the 21st which is a Thursday, usually this is kind of an all day thing starting in the am around 11 and going until we are too tired. We always need help with this part, so if you want to get out and get a little dirty and learn how to set a slalom course here's the opp. Friday will be finishing the gate hanging, unless we knock it out on Thursday. Then Friday night, 6pm ish, will be the Slalom clinic. The past couple of years we had offered a down river clinic but with the lack of interest that will not be offered this year, unless people show more interest. Saturday is the Downriver starting at Johnsrud, and evening sprints at Roundup. Sunday slalom at Roundup all day. Exact times will be nailed down in the near future. Do email w/ questions or if you want to come and help out in any way.

Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 Dates (tentative)

Looks like we are shooting for the weekend of July 23-24. With the snow pack we have this year in western MT and the and a few other factors the race has been moved back about a month. Tentatively we are looking at July 23 and 24, with slalom course hanging on Thursday the 21st and Friday the 22nd. Slalom clinic Friday night, downriver Sat. morning/ afternoon and sprints in the afternoon/ eve, then slalom all day Sunday. UPDATE-- Sent off insurance forms today, so when those are accepted the race is a go!!