Friday, July 9, 2010


Sorry for the delay but here they are:

Race Kayak
1 Eric Young 59:29
2 John Schuki 1:02:12

Race Canoe
1 Roger Martens/ Will Schmautz 1:03:22
2 Ben & Alison Zmud/Schmidt 1:04:22

Tour Kayak
1 Tor Anderson 1:05:22
2 Russell Mills 1:08:47

Standard Canoe
1 Rany Moss/ Molly Skorpik 1:11:10
2 Chet Morris/ John Scott 1:25:20

Rec Kayak
1 Tom Yule 1:11:24
2 Jon Gebert 1:15:52
3 Aiden Amtmann 1:21:57
4 Krista Gebert 1:22:21
5 John Gardner 1:24:41
6 Kirk Vischer 1:24:47
7 Lynda Dale 1:24:52
8 Hannah Amtmann 1:28:11
9 John Amtmann 1:29:18
10 Devin Amtmann 1:29:25

Rec Canoe
1 John Anderson/ Judy Vischer 1:09:32

K1 Race
1 Lisa Day 2:13:84
2 Ben Schmidt 2:21:72

K1 Creek
1 Marc Leonard 2:03:25
2 Lisa Day 2:27:16
3 John Amtmann 2:32:63
4 Paul Blumenthal 2:49:78
5 Megan Burgmuller 2:58:31

K1 Playboat
1 Travis 2:19:93
2 Brian French 2:32:91
3 Aidan Amtmann 2:55:50
4 Hannah Amtmann 3:11:91
5 Christian Guttierez 3:31:32
6 Gary Milner 5:19:84
7 Devin Amtmann DNF

1 Tor & John Anderson 2:43:00
2 Hannah & John Amtmann 3:02:13
3 Travis/ Ben Schmidt 4:04:81

1 Chet Morris 2:12:10

1 Brandon Salayi 2:14:78
2 Marc Leonard 2:15:07
3 Chet Morris 2:21:50
4 Alan Burgmuller 2:26:37
5 John Gallagher 2:32:41
6 Ben Schmidt 2:37:53
7 Jeff Styles 2:48:16
8 John Anderson 2:48:63
9 Alan Sillars 2:58:75
10 Matt Quillin 2:58:88
11 Megan Burgmuller 3:25:37

1 Brandon Salayi/ Ben Schmidt 2:33:18
2 Jeff Styles/ Matt Quillin 2:52:19
3 Alan & Megan Burgmuller 2:53:50
4 Alli/ John Anderson 3:04:22
5 Nick Deyo/ Jenny 4:41:28

Slalom times posted is the best of 2 runs

Monday, June 14, 2010


There will be a Slalom clinic and a downriver clinic. Both will be Friday at 6 pm. The Downriver clinic will start at Marco Flats a few miles from Bonner and will float to the Weigh Station access. Plan on 2-3 hours. The Slalom clinic will be held at Roundup Rapid. You must pre register or at least email me and let me know you are coming. You will need to bring all of your own equipment and boats. Nothing will be supplied. Cost is $5 with a food donation or $10 without.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Click Race Site Locations then click on the Blackfoot River Challenge link

Slalom Gate Hanging Seeking Volunteers

We will be hanging the gates for the slalom course starting on Thursday morning. We need as many hands as we can get to get the course set up. We will be starting sometime around 10 am thursday morning. The course is above the bridge at Roundup Rapid. Bring gloves and a needle nose plier if you have on. Email with any questions. Hope to see you up there.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Schedule of Events

The schedule will be as follows:

Friday June 18--

6pm Clinics-- We will be offering a general river running clinic, which would be good for beginner to intermediate paddlers, would benefit the downriver race. Meet at Marco Flats. We will also be offering a slalom clinic, which will be good for intermediate and above paddlers, would benefit the slalom and more advanced river running techniques. Meet at Roundup. THESE ARE PRE REGISTRATION REQUIRED CLINICS. If people don't sign up we will not be holding the clinics.

Saturday June 19--

Up to 10:30 Registration @ Johnsrud

10:30 Down River Racers Meeting @ Johnsrud

11:00 Down River Race START @ Johnsrud

Awards after all have finished @ Weigh Station

4:00 Sprint Cross Meeting @ Roundup

4:30 Sprint Cross START @ Roundup

Awards after all have finished @ Roundup

Sunday June 20 --

Up to 9:30 Registration @ Roundup

9:30 Slalom Racers Meeting

10:00 Slalom START @ Roundup

After finish course take down then awards @ Roundup

Registration Form

Please email and I will send you one. You can print it, fill it out and send it to me early if you would like. The clinics are a pre sign up only.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Blackfoot River Challenge 2010
A Benefit for the Missoula Food Bank

A weekend of canoe and kayak races, river
running, clinics and fun!!

Dates: Friday June 18th-Sunday June 20th
Location: Blackfoot River
Events: Friday Evening Clinics
Saturday Downriver and Sprint Races
Sunday Slalom
Fees: Clinics $5 w/ Food Donation, $10 w/ out food ($5 goes toward entry fee for any of the races)
One event $20, Two or Three events $25.

For More Info go to or email

This is a food drive for the Missoula Food Bank so please bring non perishable food items to donate!!
Proceeds will be donated to the Missoula Food Bank

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Dates

We are shooting for June 18-20. If anyone is looking to help in any way please contact via email.