Monday, July 11, 2011

Schedule of Events

Here we go- The rundown

Thursday 7-21 11am Gate hanging at Roundup- Those of you that have helped in the past know the drill. If you have never helped and would like to either contact me with questions or go to the roundup bridge around 11 am with gloves, multi tool if you have one and clothes suitable for working in.

Friday 7-22 6pm Slalom clinic, pre registration is a must(or at least heavily encouraged). We have tried in past years to do a more basic downriver/ river running clinic as well but with the lack of interest it will only be offered if people pre register. The slalom clinic is for those interested in taking their skills to the next level, or at least trying some more intermediate to advanced river running technique. This clinic takes place at the Roundup Rapid and is for those who already have river experience, but maybe have never tried slalom or just want to learn a few new skills. This clinic will focus on eddy turns, peel outs river running and obviously running gates.

Saturday 7-23 Downriver- pre 10:30am is registration, 10:30am racers meeting, 11am race start. Race goes from Johnsrud to the Weigh Station access. If there is interest we offer a shorter easier course that would then take out at Angevine. The full race is about 10 miles, maybe 11, there are a few minor rapids to negotiate below Angevine, nothing over a minor class II though. Please show up before 10:30 to get registered.
Sprints- 4pm at Roundup. This is the event that is kind of a who shows up and what kind of race would we like to do. In the past we have done a boater x style as well as head to head sprints. Again, it kind of depends on the turnout and what people would like to do. This race will take place at Roundup and will be a paddle through the rapid, so its a little more whitewater specicifc.

Sunday 7-24 9am Slalom at Roundup- Races to be held all day hence the early start. Racers meeting at 9:30am so please be there earlier than that to allow for registration time. Racers maneuver through upstream and downstream gates while paddling through a rapid. Touching or missing a gate adds time to your score. We do set the course with intermediate paddlers in mind, meaning we try not to make it to hard, or dangerous for that matter, but it is still challenging enough to be fun for more advanced paddlers as well. There are a few different classes, or types of boats, offered, ie.. OC1, OC2, Playboat Kayak, Creekboat Kayak etc.. Racers get 2 runs per class, we take the best score of the 2 runs, the winners get.......the satisfaction of knowing they did well.

Cost for the event is $20 per person for one event and if you want to do 2 or all 3 then there is an extra $5 fee total. 1 event $20, 2 events $25, 3 events $25. You do get an event t- shirt with your registration. This helps to cover permit and insurance fees, then in the end all the proceeds will be donated to the Missoula Food Bank. The clinic costs $10 or $5 if you bring a Non perishable food donation.

Registration form- Please email me and I can send you a copy that you could either mail in or just bring with you.

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