Friday, July 1, 2011


I have received almost everything needed for the legal end :) so we are 99% a go here. Dates to be July 22-24. Gate hanging on the 21st which is a Thursday, usually this is kind of an all day thing starting in the am around 11 and going until we are too tired. We always need help with this part, so if you want to get out and get a little dirty and learn how to set a slalom course here's the opp. Friday will be finishing the gate hanging, unless we knock it out on Thursday. Then Friday night, 6pm ish, will be the Slalom clinic. The past couple of years we had offered a down river clinic but with the lack of interest that will not be offered this year, unless people show more interest. Saturday is the Downriver starting at Johnsrud, and evening sprints at Roundup. Sunday slalom at Roundup all day. Exact times will be nailed down in the near future. Do email w/ questions or if you want to come and help out in any way.

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