Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Schedule of Events

The schedule will be as follows:

Friday June 18--

6pm Clinics-- We will be offering a general river running clinic, which would be good for beginner to intermediate paddlers, would benefit the downriver race. Meet at Marco Flats. We will also be offering a slalom clinic, which will be good for intermediate and above paddlers, would benefit the slalom and more advanced river running techniques. Meet at Roundup. THESE ARE PRE REGISTRATION REQUIRED CLINICS. If people don't sign up we will not be holding the clinics.

Saturday June 19--

Up to 10:30 Registration @ Johnsrud

10:30 Down River Racers Meeting @ Johnsrud

11:00 Down River Race START @ Johnsrud

Awards after all have finished @ Weigh Station

4:00 Sprint Cross Meeting @ Roundup

4:30 Sprint Cross START @ Roundup

Awards after all have finished @ Roundup

Sunday June 20 --

Up to 9:30 Registration @ Roundup

9:30 Slalom Racers Meeting

10:00 Slalom START @ Roundup

After finish course take down then awards @ Roundup

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