Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Event Times

All right, with the race just over a week away, I suppose you want to know when and where. Saturday- Downriver race- Start Johnsrud Park, 10:30 AM racers meeting and registration close. 11AM race start. Finish at Weigh Station, awards and times after all have finished. Sprint race- Start Roundup Rapid above Roundup FAS, 4PM racers meeting and registration close. 4:30PM race start. This race will run from the top of the slalom course to the bottom of the course. Maybe it will be boatercross style or head to head, or maybe just a straight sprint. Show up, give me your thoughts on what you would like and we'll go form there. Sunday- Slalom race(s)- Start Roundup Rapid, 10:00 AM Racers meeting and registration closes. 10:30 am race start. Midway break/ Lunch. Times and awards after all races are finished and slalom course has been completely taken down :(. Thursday- Slalom Course setup- 10:00AM meet at Roundup with work gloves, a multitool/knife, dirtyable clothing and maybe some snacks for yourself. This takes all day so feel free to come up in the afternoon and help if you can't make it in the morning. Bring a boat and paddle the course when it is finished. The more the merrier. Usually takes 8 hours to construct the course. Hope to see you all there, as always email with questions---

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